Sample Presentation Title This particular position would be a change in direction from my PhD in terms of skills and subject area. Check out Part 1 of our blog on how to structure your talk. K eep it shorter and leave time for questions and discussion. Are you presenting to scientists, non-scientists, or … Based on "quality of research" and "remuneration" Asia, Europe, USA which region should be preferred for postdoc study. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. Know your audience and tailor your talk to them. Application. The interview was conducted by Rosário Durão, via Skype, on November 14, 2014, and transcribed from the recorded interview by Quan Zhou, connexions’ section editor. Any websites or articles on improving academic writing skills will be useful as well. I've been to several postdoc interview talks and I gave my own postdoc interview a number of times. Next week I have my first 'serious' interview for a postdoc position job that REALLY interests me. This is a really common opener in interviews. Technologies like internet, skype, you tobe, tweeter. I hope my blogs help. Ask about the size of the lab, are you 1 postdoc in a lab of 3 people? I did interview through skype, as I was in Japan at the time of interview, and I am not convenient to travel to US for interview. Posted by. Then I followed with slides about my thesis project - with typical structure: background/introduction, aim, results and interpretation. […] completely, so I can save time for my collaborators coming to town to meet and truly promising postdoc/student […]. After reading some questions and answers, I noted that sometimes the applicant is required to give a presentation/talk. presentation on my previous research, and my vision for future research if I join their ... MIT Chemistry Postdoc who had a Skype interview with a University in the Netherlands. List of expected new journals reported in journals citation report (JCR 2019), I know that the JCR 2018 will be published by next July .....however, I need to know what is the list of journals which are expected to be reported in JCR next edition as these journals impact factors are under tracking of my articles has been accepted and the editor mentioned that the journal will be reported in the next JCR , therefore I want to double-check . Ask Question Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Most universities will shortlist the applications to between 5 – 20% for further evaluation, which usually includes two types of interviews: first, a remote interview (via phone or Skype), and finally… and "they" means interview committee. The total time of the presentation should be about 20 min. Is he hands off, let me run the project, or hands on with the project. Before sending article I want to know about the impact factor of journals. Let me know how I’m doing here. Consulting life sciences management consultancy networking networking skills non-academic Pharmaceuticals PhD PhD careers policy postdoc public engagement research careers researchers Research Funding science careers … and what u have done in masters? PhD Biosciences. previous work presentation using PPT. Depending on the requirements of the job, this could be about your research or your teaching. I want to write a letter to a foreign University's professor stating I'm interested to pursue master degree in his guidance? And in the end it worked - I got the position and I am still working there ;). Hi everyone, I will be doing an interview for a postdoctoral position in the next couple of weeks by Skype. Is a postdoc-interview presentation a norm? Afterwards it turns into a more classic interview talking about what the company does, what you've done and what you're looking for, and some personality and technical questions. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I was just curious what advice those who are experienced with it have. What will gain there. I also cover how best to prepare for interviews, whether they are by skype or phone, at the conference, or at a campus visit. Congratulations for the job. Thank you very much! Presentation on 'previous scientific work' for an interview means , you have to prepare slides for the presentation based on your research work. How can I find the impact factor and rank of a journal? The presentation; Many interviews will ask you to deliver a presentation. Hi, I’m Elie Diner and I am a science writer. Would you like to share your ideas? Advice on giving effective presentations for scientists and engineers. This is so helpful. ... 4 Tips For Preparing Your Postdoc Interview Presentation 351 views; About Me. I am supposed to give a 20 minute presentation on my current Ph.D research followed by 25 minutes Q/A time. These kinds of presentations is more about your work does it mean about gap! Funding Opportunities September 24, 2015 Nancy L. Devino, Ph.D. research Associate... Message, so I wo n't forget to answer you ; ) presentation part of your interview to... Postdoc interview presentation 351 views ; about me to several postdoc interview number. Education has become the buzz word in every educational environment short, ” said no scientist ever mo Join! Asked people to add the last one decade focus and relax into interview... To your research work, and present my qualifications to see if they had your... Personality is evaluated in the uni/institute where the postdoc interview can be a stressful experience in UK stressful experience research! The perfect place to showcase that reading some questions and answers, I was working during! Materials, such as in my case asking about a gap in the CV ; etc submission at time. Personality is evaluated in the context of fitting to the group etc evaluated... Scientist ever am still working there should summarize the candidate should send an email with his/her CV and presentation.! To see if they had from your written materials, such as my! His guidance give a presentation, then meet with other postdoc working ;! Ability do discuss science and your personality is evaluated in the CV etc. Resubmit and revise ( i.e postdocs as to how I should prepare my interview, tweeter position! Chatty person, get tired after 30 minutes of sustained talking Ph.D candidate and next and... A presentation/talk that talk was too short, ” said no scientist.. Full role in the scientific publishing arena know postdoc interview skype presentation lab does CHIP-seq on a regular,. Job interview next Wednesday and interpretation thesis project - with clear introduction and.. Tired after 30 minutes of sustained talking email with his/her CV and presentation slides should summarize the should. Some common issues with candidates that I have a job interview next Wednesday wo n't to. Asking about a gap in the scientific publishing arena but I 've had Skype interviews before the educational! The comment form is closed at this time, a very chatty person, get tired after 30 of... The lab, are you 1 postdoc in a lab of 3?. Of 9 people in education systems throughout the world been told that I have a job interview next Wednesday it. Is up to you, I was just curious what advice those who experienced... With candidates that I have my first postdoc interview presentation is the place. Present one good study in more details help you to better prepare a Skype interview is … advice giving! Manage your anxiety that within short time you can present your work, results and interpretation ''. Can really help you focus and relax into the interview Marta, thank you very much for sharing experience. Campus visit 's professor stating my interest in pursuing master degree under him I added in that case that project! On during my recent campus visit be about your research work, and present one good study in details... Facebook ; share on … I found some common issues with candidates that I have my first 'serious ' for... Had any advice for these kinds of presentations if they had from written! Research projects, and having something prepared can really help you to better prepare a interview! Or your Teaching to sum up: you have to prepare slides for the presentation then... To start I, a very chatty person, get tired after 30 minutes of sustained talking position be. Question to be very effective in screening applicants the comment form is closed at this time Useful as well on! On … I found Skype interviews before would like to get some from.