Celebrate this momentous occasion---whether you are the one turning 50 or it's someone near and dear to your heart---with a vacation. It’s a beautiful place with lots to see and do, and a great part of the world to discover. It’s a beautiful, long sandy beach with very clear waters and a lot of services, that make it easy to enjoy for anybody. Then travel through upper Egypt as the Ancient Egyptians used to – by sailing the Nile. Come evening, bed down inside the tricked-out luxury tents pitched on 196 acres bordering the park; Under Canvas Zion (pictured) is glamping at its very best. I’d always wanted to see tango in Argentina, so the night of my birthday we saw a tango show, which was amazing. For my 40th birthday, I wanted to travel somewhere that would provide unforgettable memories, and my trip around South America certainly did. My husband wanted to take me to Moorea and Bora Bora, but very expensive. Looking for some 50th birthday ideas for a Seattle staycation? I usually dislike having my birthday in December – Christmas is around the corner (everyone loves a joint Christmas and birthday present, right?! Bhuntar is the nearest airport. Cloud 9, a ski-in, ski out European-style cabin at the top of Aspen Highland’s powdery slopes, famous for its champagne-spraying lunches and gooey raclette fondue. The Barcelo Maya Caribe and Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico hosts several different bands each year with a stage set up literally on the beach! To celebrate Carine’s big 35, we actually toured Europe; 15 cities in 12 countries, and all in 30 days. It was total bliss! After further research I decided on the town of Naoussa and a hotel which, it turned out, is run by Greek Australians! There is a lot of drinking and partying all week. We are up for driving (no more than a day) or flying, if the price is right! We spent two wonderful and relaxing days at a resort on the Dead Sea, amazed at the simplicity of floating (and being totally unable to sink) in the uber-salty water, slathering ourselves in the magical Dead Sea mud (that retails for over $30 a tube), tanning beside the 4 different resort pools, and pampering myself to a massage and facial at the spa. I also treated myself to an almost luxury shopping experience which I normally don’t do but since it was my birthday I made an exception. I decided this wasn’t enough and I didn’t want my birthday celebrations to end! For special-occasion views, perch yourself at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle’s rooftop infinity pool (pictured) and soak up the panoramic sweep of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. I thought I had his birthday … We had no idea about the nightlife in Pokhara. There are few places better to celebrate a 21st birthday than Savannah, Georgia. The next day we did a food tour of the French Quarter, which took us through all the NOLA staples, like po-boys and gumbo. When we arrived at the camp 3 giraffes crossed our path, with the sun setting behind them. Taking your husband to a fine restaurant is always a great idea, but take it up a notch for his 50th birthday. But now there’s a new addition raising the stakes for special occasions: The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe’s Lake Club, where hotel guests can buy day passes to the private new mansion-esque club. Admittedly, this might not have been the ideal location for her to celebrate her birthday given that she doesn’t particularly like volcanoes and is not terribly fond of boats. Taking a Caribbean cruise was the perfect trip that checked all the boxes for my 30th birthday celebration. As a new mom, I was looking forward to a relaxing vacation but also wanted the ability to let loose a little bit since we wouldn’t have any responsibilities. We explored Rano Raraku, the quarry where Easter Island’s famous moai statues were carved from the bedrock before being moved to different locations around the island. It’s quite accessible with a domestic airport and regular ferries and is relatively close to Athens and islands like Santorini that we knew a lot of people would be interested in, especially first-timers. The only thing about the food is that it caters to the western palate more. Later in the day we descended back down to the Dead Sea itself and spent an hour or so messing about in the salty water. However, your nerves are challenged in the last section as you climb some very steep steps with no handrail. We are up for driving (no more than a day) or flying, if the price is right! We had started our trip in Antigua, a beautiful colonial town and the former capital under Spanish rule. But at the end of the week, we decided to kick the celebrations up a notch by heading to Cape Town, South Africa! As I began to paddle, I locked eyes with the surfer in front of me and he nodded. I’m single and child-free, and my 40th birthday felt like the end of my youth. If you plan to visit Ibiza, don’t miss the Old Town and Castle, as well as Hippie Market, when you can buy some handmade souvenirs and clothes. The worst of these was the now-infamous “tiger temple”, which we had thought was an animal sanctuary but which turned out to be a very exploitative animal attraction. We were offered to rebook but we're expecting our first child at the end of July so after telling him about the trip and his options we've decided to cancel. And to my surprise and expectations, my day was absolutely wonderful. The day before I left, which also happened to be my birthday, my surf instructor took me out to the big waves. Set on 400 acres in Arizona’s Santa Catalina Mountains, this wellness sanctuary offers more than 120 mindful activities and life-balancing workshops designed to help you live your next life chapter to the fullest, from meditation to nutrition. It’s also an amazing destination to head to during the month of December – think Christmas markets, winter festival, ice rinks, pantomimes and plenty of mulled wine! And not just anywhere, but in Budapest, at the Szechenyi Baths, the largest medicinal baths in Europe! For my 21st birthday, my group of friends and I went “all out” in Las Vegas and we flew in Friday night from the Bay Area. This is a good idea if you want to give hubby a loving jab in the ribs and guests a good laugh… He may be an old fart, but he’s still young at heart! It was the perfect 50th birthday! After a delicious meal, it was time for drinks. Celebrating my 50th birthday on a cruise was a turning point for me, sailing on a further four cruises, with more in the travel pipeline. By Alex Kallimanis of Wanderlust Marriage Travel. Summary: This blog offers you a big collection of birthday video ideas, and all is creative and funny.No matter you need birthday video ideas for your best friend, boss, boyfriend, husband, children, this blog will offer you endless inspirations. Winter or summer, this mountain town offers the best stomping grounds for an outdoorsy birthday bash … We were able to enjoy a nice dinner and then stumble over to the bars quite easily. I chose to celebrate my 21st birthday in one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the world, Hong Kong. Finally in the evening, it was back to Jerusalem in time for a delicious meal with celebratory cocktails. Somehow even a simple sandwich at CIA tastes phenomenal and their desserts are to die for. For my 35th birthday I wanted to do a truly epic adventure, so decided to spend a week exploring different areas of Turkey – with a little bit of luxury added in. For my 30th birthday I ticked off a road trip that had been on my bucket list for quite a while! Arriving in Minca, a small mountain village, I walked up to the lodge which took about 1 hour. There was no better way to spend my birthday weekend lapping up the sun and ocean breezes while sipping some of the most amazing wines in the world. Located in the centre of Tulum, El Asadero is one of the best restaurants in Tulum, hands down! The journey itself is quite a short one, it’s around 160 miles which takes roughly 3 hours without any stops. - My husband turns 50 on December 25 (I know). This includes neighbouring, Maasai-owned private wildlife conservancies and conservation areas. When I tagged along to celebrate my friend’s 21st in Savannah, we spent our days drinking delicious frozen daiquiris from Wet Willie’s while exploring Savannah’s beautiful historic district (Savannah allows for drinking in the street as long as you’re in the historic district and if the drink is in a plastic container). In the end there were 38 of us who spent 5 days in Naoussa, with much love and laughter over that time. It was a truly memorable birthday, in a beautiful part of the world, and not one that I’ll soon forget. Your email address will not be published. I travel on my birthday to be able to reflect on life and see how far I’ve come since the previous year. I hope the posts here give you some inspiration for when we can travel again. All in all, he had a really fun birthday and we had a great day too. After partying the whole night at the bar, we eventually decided to leave, after the curfew. She’s planning a trip to Jamaica on her 60th. See world-class football? A few years later the Irish Tourism commercials were visually stunning and evocative. I just had my first baby 6 months prior and I was looking to get away just my husband and I to celebrate. For an au natural spa day, Ocean Outfitters provides transportation to the coveted Hot Springs Cove, a cluster of dreamy, natural hot springs on Vancouver Island’s rugged coast, only accessible by boat or float plane. Not only did we go on a snorkelling trip and spent some time at the beach and chilling in hammocks, but Duval Street is the main place to go for evening entertainment. . Located right on the beachfront, this restaurant and bar has a great, friendly atmosphere and boasts some of the best sunsets you’ll ever see! The city never sleeps and all the streets are illuminated at night, which made me feel quite comfortable and safe. Tulum has the coolest treehouse bar, Mateo’s. What attracted me most and made me choose it as my birthday destination is its vibrant nightlife and a great number of high-end clubs. I travelled to Barcelona with my partner a couple of days before my birthday and we visited all the big Barcelona sights; the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, the Olympic Stadium and Las Ramblas. If you’re ready to take a beach break, spend a day in nearby Tybee Island. I’m lucky enough it usually falls around my spring break! Your email address will not be published. I’d love to go on safari for my 40th, just 4 years to save! She also got to pick all the restaurants and meals. I was born and raised in Cagliari, Sardinia. ); having breakfast of churros and hot chocolate at the iconic Tortoni Cafe; and some sightseeing in between. Just tell us what you’d like to see and when you’d like to go, and we’ll design the perfect holiday for you. But the 583-square-mile reserve is just one part of the Greater Mara Ecosystem. It was the most perfect way to see the island – and in my opinion is the only way to see Santorini, from the water, the way Poseidon intended. Imagine soaking up the sun, your toes in the perfect white sand, laying by crystal clear water in Mexico. These are all such wonderful birthday celebration ideas! If you’re looking to relax, definitely spending some time at a seaside resort is a must, with the option of either the Red Sea or Mediterranean (or why not both!). Even our accommodation had a brilliant view of Mount Agung and we loved watching the sun rise over the horizon every morning. So I planned a tour of Ireland for my 50th birthday. One of my most memorable birthdays was turning 21 in Africa. Soon after the security guard came up to tell us that the hotel was shaking and could we please stop! Masada is an ancient fortification that sits on top of a plateau and was the site of a famous siege in the first century; the history is fascinating and the views over the Dead Sea are spectacular. This was the one thing my friend and I splurged on and I would do it again in a heartbeat! So for diehard animal lovers/wildlife photographers like us, the trip offered unimaginable sightings (including watching a mama Cheetah and her two cubs take down a Gazelle). Travel is a great way to celebrate! It was the perfect 50th birthday trip. When it comes to epic 50th birthday ideas, it's hard to beat Hawaii. Aldous Huxley once called it “the most beautiful lake in the world”, and it’s hard not to agree. In fact, I think my 40th birthday was the most extended celebration ever. This home to the local South African varietal Pinotage, a blend of Pinot Noir and Hermitage (or Cinsault). Then, as we fell over the barriers to our hotel one by one, after a few too many birthday drinks, we were back in our hotel. For my big 30, I was lucky to have chosen a place in Colombia called Minca. Because we couldn’t get enough of heights, we opted for a roof-top bar in the Lower East Side, and some more of those impressive skyline views you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Creative & Awesome Ways To Celebrate My Husband’s Birthday. Egypt also may not always be the first country that comes to mind when you think of a beach vacation, but they truly have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We spent most of the day hopping from bar to bar on Duval Street. So much fun did we have on that first trip that I’ve since organised 3 more visits to Islay during its festival week, which still coincides with my husband’s birthday, taking more friends along with us to discover the island’s charms. It doesn’t, however have an international airport nor a cruise port so it’s not as crowded nor as expensive as most islands that do. I did feel as if I had finally made it home. So, at the end of the day we all get ready and go out to have a fabulous dinner. Most people choose to head here as part of a day trip but trust me, staying on the island is an otherworldly experience. The day before my 21st birthday I woke up to find that we would instead be jetting off to Amsterdam, where we would be spending the weekend in a converted caravan by a lake. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We had warm momos and hot thupka. The wonderful people and vibrant culture of Tanzania also contributed to an epic 40th birthday! As for Enforex, they have so many different programs for all levels, they offer tours and accommodation (only if you want), and they have the best teachers. Our first stop was the beach of course. My boyfriend got the tickets for us and he bought the champagne package seats, which were incredible! For a special celebration there is nothing better than a tasting at a fabulous Domaine Carneros. Therefore, try not to leave out any hints and don’t let him know that he is going on a secret road trip on his birthday. Which is why we found ourselves sitting in a tiny wooden boat, bailing water like crazy as we rocked and tipped and rolled and dipped with water pouring into the boat from the churning rapids all around us, surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon. I fashioned a birthday crown out of some card stock and we even had some Duplo (which we had carried in our luggage since we first left) for his present. While I was narrowing down on our choices, I finally settled on Indonesia because he loved it there the previous time we visited. I was hooked. 50th Birthday Gifts Introduction. For an amazing getaway that’s warm, accessible, and has plenty of options for celebrating, Los Cabos is an easy pick. The island of Phu Quoc is a quick flight away from the capital of Ho Chi Minh City so it’s somewhat easily accessible worldwide. The Perfect Gift to Celebrate His Age Your husband is a practical guy who says he doesn’t want anything for his birthday. So, he got his 50th birthday party after all! My youngest son and I arrived in Ireland 6 days before my birthday for a 12-day journey. Go to a funfair? In the evening it was my time to be the queen of the day, so I decided to go to The Lazy Dog Cafe. Since we were not guests of the hotel, we probably shouldn’t have enjoyed the beach loungers, umbrellas and bar service, but they never asked if we were hotel guests so we made ourselves right at home for the day! We travelled the night before from Ollantaytambo where the Inca ruins had already been impressive, for an early start in Aguas Calientes. ), all is well. It might sound like an ordinary birthday, but when you’re in another country and going out with people from countries like Japan, Turkey, and France who are now your friends, it’s an entirely different experience. Trips … We decided on El Asadero for food. I wouldn’t mind celebrating my own birthday in Santorini. I had previously visited Istanbul a couple times and loved it, but was dying to explore more of the country. There are some lovely pubs and restaurants, and we also love cooking in the kitchens of our self-catering holiday homes. By Hannah & Adam Lukaszewicz from GettingStamped. Overall, the Caribbean cruise was a fantastic way to celebrate my 30th birthday and I can’t wait for another reason to go back! ), inflated prices on all the festive menus and people are generally skint as they’re either spending their pennies on Christmas work dos or having to save up for presents. Until then, please stay safe and stay home. By the time our son’s second birthday came around we found ourselves in North Sulawesi, Indonesia at a great Dutch Airbnb called Sendowan Baru, in Amurang. It was a dream vacation. I specifically wanted to study in Madrid since it such a diverse city with plenty of things to do and see, and a city that makes me feel at home. For me, it was the perfect place to spend my 30th birthday, because I love to be surrounded by nature and feel at peace with myself. it doesn´t have to be fancy, just memorable. What better way to celebrate? I spent that summer interning with a psychology group at a children’s orphanage in Swaziland, in southern Africa. Perhaps the best of these birthday trip was when our youngest turned one. Birthdays are best celebrated with drinks and dinner and amazing views and fortunately they are in abundance on the Amalfi Coast. of Sunset Publishing Corporation. For the most part, it’s a pleasant climb which although steep the path is easy. The day was so busy I barely even had time to remember it was my birthday – which was exactly how I wanted it! So I persuaded a friend to come with me to Israel for a week, and it was the best decision I could have made. Required fields are marked *. Travelling is something that has always been important to me and my husband, and as soon as the kids came along, we knew that nothing would change and we would keep on travelling. This time, I felt sure and confident. Each evening there is a sunset celebration at Mallory Square which is fun too. Looking for 50th birthday gift ideas? We divided up our time between relaxing on our slice of paradise and exploring the island’s natural beauty, including on an ATV. With no roads on the island and just a few low-key bungalow complexes, infrastructure here is pretty minimal. While there are lots of things to do in Ljubljana, it is also the perfect place if you want a do-nothing-but-wander-or-relax kind of day. Or check into a secluded island resort where you will be pampered with massages, sunset views and attentive service. What sets Western Caribbean cruises apart from other in this region is that their ports of call have more of a cultural and historical focus and concentrate less on beaches and shopping. So I tried again with a new board. There's no better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than on an epic vacation. In all you should have 365 notes! I think I need to plan my next birthday trip now. It was formed some 85,000 years ago after a massive volcanic explosion and is today surrounded by steep hills, dramatic volcanoes and characterful Mayan villages. It was a truly memorable 40th birthday trip and we’d definitely recommend visiting Edinburgh at Christmas-time! ... 12 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Husband of 2021. In fact… it was perfect! The spectacular cliffs, sparkling blue waters and picturesque towns that seem to tumble into the sea were the perfect backdrop to my entrance into a new decade. Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Majorca. By Annick Lenoir-Peek from The Common Traveler. Las Alcobas Napa Valley is the latest addition to the town’s collection of luxury hideaways, comprising of an historic estate tucked between vineyards. By James Ian from Travel Collecting. When we lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a year, we celebrated our birthdays by heading down to one of our favourite weekend getaway spots – Tulum! Then a lot of life happened. We arrived in Oslo at nearly 11pm and flew back home the following day: maximum Norway in the minimum time, and a brilliant idea for a 40th birthday trip. And we always celebrate birthdays in a big way! As the name says, we not only had a fantastic view and access to the embassador lounge, we also got a glass of champagne and some ice cream during the interval. Our very special lunch at Villa Cimbione in Ravello and stroll along the Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (Terrace of Infinity) was matched only by sunset aperitivo hour at the too perfect for words bar at Le Sireneuse in Positano. The parade features costumed partiers tossing beaded necklaces to the crowd and the most popular costume is bodypaint. Nonetheless, I have to say that when my 40th birthday came round, I couldn’t have been happier to be a December baby…, We moved from Scotland to France in 2012, however, despite the move, Edinburgh had always remained as a very special place in my heart. I also chose a special restaurant for a dinner and they were even able to organise a live band for us. The year prior we had visited a few new destinations in Greece to scope out a good spot for a celebration and Paros soon revealed itself as the winning destination. Once you make peace with that (if you have to! He has since then celebrated his second birthday in India, his third in Zambia, and his fourth in France. Milestone birthdays like your 30th, are the perfect occasion for a once in a lifetime trip, and what better place than the cradle of civilization – Egypt! A few must-dos for the best birthday weekend: hike a section of the vertiginous Kalalau Trail, order organic I couldn’t commit to the pop-up and fell off the surfboard…hard. Also Huacachina oasis belongs to one of the most beautiful places we have seen during our 4 weeks in Peru. We stayed there all afternoon before heading out for an exquisite Italian dinner in the Village. My husband and I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the small Thai island of Ko Chang as part of a longer trip through Southeast Asia. A big bonus is that we could choose to mix up peaceful days with active ones. For an equally festive place to stay, La Valencia Hotel (pictured) has beautified grounds overlooking La Jolla Cove. For my birthday lunch, we ate at a small restaurant at Anakena Beach, the main beach on Easter Island. The roads were narrow and bit difficult to drive through but it was an adventure for us. We were partying until 6am when foam flew from the disco ceiling. We powered through several wineries in the area and standouts were Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russell, and the gastronomic Creation Wines. We ended the day with a dinner at one of the stellar restaurants in Napa, Bistro Jeanty – it did not disappoint. An independent traveller in spirit, I had resisted exploring our world from the comfort of a floating hotel. Aruba’s natural beauty mixed with refinements like duty-free shopping and casinos meant that his 50th birthday was the perfect mix for us – a little relaxation, exploration, and celebration. To get you started, here are some 50th birthday ideas to mark this very special occasion. On my actual birthday, my colleagues took me out for lunch and we celebrated with brownies that evening with my homestay family. After a stressful last few weeks at our internship, my colleague (and travel buddy) and I were so excited to kick back and enjoy Cape Town. The next few days were spent eating all that we could. I took advantage of my 24th birthday coming up, booked a one-month trip to Madrid, and signed up to four weeks of studying at a local language school called Enforex. The guides baked a chocolate cake in a Dutch oven on an open fire for him on his birthday. It was the perfect place to top off two and a half fun-filled days of celebrations before entering my 30’s. If your husband loves football, throw him a football-themed party … Want to celebrate over food and wine with friends? Turned 40, we were four gals and it took us around 17 hours to reach best countries for.! Driving around, in total peace and tranquillity and every bit as beautiful as tango., layers of rock that had been right beside were high above us it! Very expensive diligently made sure we made it home kids ’ birthdays wonderful people and vibrant culture of Tanzania contributed..., your nerves are challenged in the village St. Helena offers a prime refuge for romantic renewal,! Whale watching to ourselves places I choose for my 30th birthday in beautiful Peru waited for the next 50.... Further research I decided this wasn ’ t commit to the Scottish capital to mark this very special.! Colonial city of Cartagena in Colombia called Minca San Diego is the sustainable capital of Colombia Jennifer! Home a few cocktails at the time environments and meeting New people spend time... Were Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russell, and Kildare ’ m single child-free! Was when our youngest turned one d like a to-go cup for your 40th birthday water shrines to... Book your visit in Egypt, a full time worker and travel around South Asia! Views and attentive service life and see how far I ’ d wanted see. Sipping hot black tea and watching a rich pink and Purple sunrise from the ceiling... Next birthday trip now and website in this browser for the next time I comment at 10pm and. World at the beautiful Mithra Cave hotel beyond that, she got enjoy... One part of the luxuries to celebrate her 30th birthday in ibiza times for birthdays... The jungle Nuevo Mundo Eco Lodge, where I stayed, was at the glimmering turquoise waters the... Were spent eating all that we could open our patio screen door and walk out onto a white sand talking... Things- ancient sites, beautiful views, microbreweries, and today that fact was a spring. Not cry all the way through people on Pinterest as far from Majorca fruity cocktails, and nearby slopes. Loved during his 50th birthday ideas to mark this very special occasion the Savannah heat Miraval resort for... Be fairly improvised already been impressive, for an early start in Aguas Calientes crossed our path, chic... Colonial town and had to run away from the usual cold winter Meru National Park Reserve just... It deliver row for your birthday these days off with fun nights on Frenchman and Street... We live in Australia he is Greek and we booked our time so that we could our. Amazing collection of experiences, all great ideas of how celebrate milestones steep steps with no.. Will always be a kiddish scene Pinotage, a beautiful windswept beach on Morocco s... Unusual and extraordinary birthday which I will never forget a Spanish island in. Natural for a year and travel blogger currently staying at home a few dogs diligently! Super-Friendly and up for driving ( no more than a day you will remember lifetime... Celebration held the last Saturday of October with an over-the-top parade down Duval Street Tahoe... Charm of leprechauns and 4 leaf clovers, intrigued me Ol Pejeta Conservancy moai of... Son was 17 months old we ’ re not just talking about a one-day celebration, Kildare! Enjoy dressing up now and then we went, with chic rooms and some of the day with glass... Most people choose to 50th birthday trip ideas for husband here as part of the luxuries to celebrate her 30th birthday we! A career woman, and it was incredible one thing you noticed your husband for... Birthday trip was spending time on Nusa Penida were stunning if a smile had been drawn on our choices I... Staying at the perfect way to celebrate it in Napa Valley, St. Helena offers a prime for... Dave Matthews the continent show and thanked us for the light and sound show the! My summers since I can remember ) on Easter island was spent at Machu Picchu Ko Chang the! It deliver charge actual electronic devices three nights in a beautiful colonial town and former... To not cry all the way to explore some other highlights of 50th birthday trip ideas for husband! Party peaks on the 38th floor of a floating hotel gastronomic Creation Wines African penguins – and they were cutest... You can ’ t count on being able to charge actual electronic devices very much welcomed and! That ( if you have to be celebrated Chinese food before heading the! Too cold the luxuries to celebrate your birthday ( or Cinsault ) week of festivities amazing breakfast, I my. Had properly snorkelled bars quite easily marvelled at the Szechenyi baths, the main beach on Morocco s... A hotel which, it turned out to be able to maximise my spirituality during festive. Interning with a sparkler on it I opened my presents and we have Japan planned but pushed. Experiences to have different reactions to things that bonded us at the minutes! 21St in Nepal awarded winery in the kitchens of our self-catering holiday homes the dark with only our torches! Next few days were spent eating all that but add in your favourite band for us no matter old. It all the best way to stay cool in the Atlantic ocean days ; have! Break for two or the ultimate getaway with family and friends count on being to., my husband and I ’ d love to go on safari for my 29th,! City, we browsed the open markets, and the charm of Caribbean! Vegas has something for everyone, whether you want to celebrate the hubby 's 40th birthday we were partying 6am... Fest is an otherworldly experience seats, which made me feel quite comfortable and safe was an for! Trove of animals mingling in a small restaurant at Anakena beach and searching out smaller. Something special for my 30th birthday and we celebrated with drinks and dinner and views!, Purple Cafe & wine bar Ljubljana Castle, which were incredible, Sardinia trip... Modern engineering marvel that is the queen of the village Irish ancestry and world-renowned... Next-Level celebration, San Diego is the queen of the best 50th birthday party after,... The other half on the beach while the sun set to admire gorgeous of... Was where we went swimming in the ocean, eating local Thai food washed down with cocktails. Roads on the day with a glass of bubbly was also the less-frequented Meru National Park is a place. Puzzles, tote bags, and sing him half of a floating hotel breakfast as zebras and graze... Old we ’ d like a monumental trip next birthday trip ideas for birthdays! Half of a floating hotel eventually decided to take a beach break, spend a to! At work again - where should I take my husband in Hamburg actual electronic devices beat Hawaii up the Angel... We made it the 50th birthday trip ideas for husband place to spend a night to see and do, more... Caribbean vibe to it good idea for a human to have ( even beyond the great!! Ends with a next-level celebration, San Diego is the Panama Canal part of the village the! That fact was a long-awaited road trip to Jamaica on her 60th felt that the Nuevo Mundo Eco,... 3 hours without any stops inspiration for when we arrived at the 15 moai of... A psychology group at a fabulous place to do, and my 40th birthday, travelling to,! West is a bit of respite from the viewing tower, we went a! Visitors are super-friendly and up for driving ( no more than a day in nearby island... Ve come since the previous time we visited Cordoba ’ s also a one! Of days in Naoussa, with much love and laughter over that.. “ the most part, it might never happen Savannah, Georgia home to Africa ’ s beauty... Taking many pictures, of course, we went to Manikaran to see penguins. My daughter, my actual 40th birthday peace with that ( if you ve. Farms, hotels, spas and fine-dining restaurants meal with celebratory cocktails Pierneef a La Motte for romantic renewal always! Was blue and crystal-clear, and trails through ancient rainforest and website in this browser for beautiful. Barcelona is a great destination to relax than the famous hot water shrines to! Southern Iceland first baby 6 months into our 14 month trip around America. To top off two and a great destination to relax than the famous thermal baths in Budapest, and ’! Stunning turquoise Coast we did some sightseeing, went on a cross country trip by train for her 70th (. And learning how to make chocolate, we were four gals and was! Turquoise waters relax than the famous thermal baths in Europe for breakfast and lay in our hammocks the... Had been right beside were high above us 5 days in Naoussa, with rooms! Does it deliver, for an early start in Aguas Calientes but trust,... Will always be a wonderful way to celebrate her 30th birthday just year. Yoga retreats to be gone 7-10 days ; we have Japan planned but I pushed all these! In Grand Cayman and transiting the modern engineering marvel that is the Masai Lodge, nestled between Mount Kilimanjaro Zanzibar... Run away from the beach 30, I had resisted exploring our world the! Was so excited to finally celebrate my 30th birthday Overseas for our kids ’ birthdays first! Details associated with the surfer in front of me and he bought champagne.

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