They’re structured to take a pounding and, with fuel tank capacities in the range of 1500 to 3500 gallons, are able to sail very long distances between refuels. The full displacement production Krogens and Nordhavns and many custom designs add to the mix of mostly semi-displacement hull shapes, and continue to cruise the oceans of the world. Perhaps the secret to successful trawler ownership is the same as the key to marriage itself: compromise. The Swift Trawler 44 delivers best in class fuel efficiency, speed, comfort and stability whether you’re out on the lake, cruising the open ocean or in the bay. After exploring the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, we plan to head north again, up the west coast, because we want to explore Chile’s coast and its fjords.” After a look at the Amazon and then the coast of Peru, Argo will head for the Panama Canal, and on to the Caribbean for sport diving. They made the best of connectivity when they found it, but they also built an enthusiastic audience among contemporary cruisers with their blog, articles for varying magazines, and the creation of a cruising guide of the region. Their first long passage from Oakland, CA to Hilo, HI covering a distance of 2,300 nautical miles was just the beginning. Crossing an Ocean Piggy-Back. 2021 Super Air Nautique GS22 E . By Heather Steinberger. Selling your house and moving aboard a 40-foot trawler, then tackling the 5,000- to 6,000-mile Great Loop, is a sure sign that long distance cruising has you under its sway. If any further proof were needed that mass production boats can cross oceans as easily as expensive semi-custom yachts, the Bavaria 42 provides plenty of it. Using your services in purchasing our Beneteau 44 CC in 2007, and now in selling it in 2015, gave new meaning to the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life. But that range grows to 3,000 nautical miles at six knots. Voyaging from Victoria, BC to Alaska for a shakedown cruise, he is confident in Argo’s design and abilities. Fast trawler, power cat, sportfish, and variations of motor yachts are quite different from the Grand Banks style trawlers so popular around the world. Steve and Teresa Hutchins are retirees and full-time live-aboards, and their home of choice is Sea Quill, a 48 Whaleback from Kadey-Krogen. From an adventurer’s standpoint, we feel we have more freedom, not less.” The Ranger Tugs formula, which applies to all of their cruising boats ranging from 25 to 31 feet, is to offer a semi-displacement design than can cruise efficiently as well as produce a good turn of speed when demanded from a single Volvo diesel, with comfortable accommodations and plenty of stowage, and equip them standard with everything a cruising owner needs — bow and stern thrusters, generators and air conditioners (for the East Coast) or efficient diesel forced air furnaces (for the Pacific Northwest), and a very complete galley. Its Swift Trawler line has been an example of performance, seakeeping ability and how to optimize onboard space for the past 15 years; the Swift Trawler 47 is no different. Richard Bost had those, too. Author: Marlene B. Allen Updated: Apr 21, 2017 Original: Jul 23, 2012. That’s why we bought Dirona. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, Southern Ocean 60 Review: Modern Schooner. Atlantic crossings have been done in very tiny boats. For Richard Bost, life is a series of adventures piled one on top of the other in a never-ending procession. In the March 2006 issue, French naval architect Yves Kinard unveiled plans to cross the Atlantic on a 6.5M (21ft) diesel-powered trawler Spirit of Arielle. And the owners of this salty trawler are among the most serious cruisers you’ll meet. Joe and Barbie Wilson call Indiana home for part of the year, but like many who live in seasonally colder climes, their thoughts turn to warmer waters when the temperatures plunge. Some people have extravagant dreams of a life filled with adventure., 1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida 33131, USA. Powered by a single John Deere 6068AFM75 266 HP diesel, the Hamiltons have depended on the ability of the N52 to transport them safely and efficiently across vast stretches of ocean, including a 3,600 nautical mile stretch from St. Helena Island in the South Atlantic to Barbados. Calendar; Photo Gallery; Videos; Boat Shows; Merchandise; Charters; Crews; Parts; Vendors; Back; Contact × Close Panel × × Cart. Here are five examples of boat owners who are living the dream—and five good trawlers to consider if you decide to plan a cruise of your own. Phone. There were no hidden costs and adjusting the price appropriately to meet market conditions proved the importance of having your professional advice. Three naval architects share their thoughts on what to look for in a good-riding boat. Laila Elise provides insights on an often overlooked tool for yacht management. Here is a list of our top 5 tips for crossing the Atlantic: 1) Safety First All your safety gear should be in good condition. But their solution was to buy a Beneteau Swift Trawler 34, keep it in Fort Meyers, FL throughout the year, and take their winter quarters exploring. These boats, which are often ballasted to increase their range of stability to 90 degrees or more, use very little fuel when run well below their full-displacement speed. When Beneteau started introducing passage-making “fast” trawlers like the Swift Trawler 44 back in 2011, lots of folks in the North American boating market sort of scratched their heads. Trawlers are built for ocean sailing and circumnavigating the globe. Feel free to comment below with additional models to consider, critiques on any of the above, or other thoughts. The Selene Advantage; Selene Classic Explorer. When James and Jennifer Hamilton bought their Nordhavn 52 Dirona in 2010, their initial plan was to cruise north from Seattle along the Inside Passage and the British Columbia coast, while staying in touch with friends and employers by telecommuting via the Internet. Exterior. Bottom line is, even with the right boat, a budget large enough to manage the QE II, and the best of relationships, if spending time on the water is not an equal passion for both parties, you may easily find yourself in very treacherous waters. Cabin Cruisers; Center Consoles; High-Performance Boats; Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers; Multi-Hull Powerboats (Catamarans) Sailboats; Sportfishing Yachts; Trawlers; Walkarounds; Obviously, this is a wide range of boat types and which will be your personal best choice depends on how you plan to use your boat. Undoubtedly Jill and I will someday again succumb to the dream and when that day occurs you can rest assured that you will hear from us. The route: Maimi to the Abacos, to Bermuda and then to the … a full displacement hull most likely starting at 50′ and up having features not found on regular trawlers. For Harawan, who holds a USCG 100-Ton captain’s license and operates as well as owns his vessels, coastal explorations of the Pacific Northwest from the family’s second home on Bainbridge Island, WA were instrumental in helping him decide to have a yacht built that could tackle long-distance, bluewater cruising. Power is supplied by a pair of 1000 HP Caterpillar C-18 ACERT diesels, with a top end speed 14 to 15 knots. Their compact and sleek design is award-winning. Over the past forty-seven years my husband Bob and I have cruised sailboats to many different parts of the world. Whether you dream of crossing oceans, circumnavigating the east half of the United States on the Great Loop, or making an Intracoastal Waterway run, the idea of long distance cruising with a loose itinerary is the essence of independence. And then he bought a boat and crossed an ocean. 9 Best Ocean Boats. She is quiet, strong and leaves a graceful wake underway. My preference for ocean crossing with a boat in the 40 - 45' range is a very solid sailing mono. Ocean Alexander 45 Classic – Timeless traditional appeal, aft cabin with queen. A 24-minute narrated video preparing Dirona for the 2,801 nautical mile North Atlantic transit from Newport Rhode Island to Kinsale Ireland. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY CAPT. This trawler is completely set up for Trans-ocean crossings. © 1992-2020 Jordan Yacht and Ship Company • Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 Beneteau 's success in the midsize-powerboat market can't be understated. Oceans Apart; Back; Community. We also handle numerous yacht deliveries coming back to Europe, more typical in March, April or May. Close Panel. It features a full displacement hull, a 900-gallon fuel capacity and range of … Jim and Lisa Favors did just that, but after six years they decided to move back ashore and downsize to a Ranger Tugs 27. Last year, they cruised the Keys all the way out to the Dry Tortugas. Her displacement is over 200,000 pounds (107 tons) and with 5,000 gallons (17,000 litres) of fuel you can cruise continuously for thouthands of miles. The best power generation system is a system that makes use of all of the technologies available. It carries 1,740 gallons of fuel and 400 gallons of water. “Being able to trailer our boat across the country, using it as an RV on the way, gives us the kind of mobility we didn’t have with our larger trawler. First stop will be Bermuda, seven days away against the weather. “We’ll be getting back aboard in October and heading south, exploring anchorages everywhere. Author: Simon Murray Updated: Sep 19, 2017 Original: May 12, 2017. Bering Yachts Offers The Absolute Best Custom Steel Hull Ocean Going Trawler Yachts. The Best-Riding Center Console Boats for Rough Water. As to what combination is best on a long downwind passage, that’s a complicated and potentially long-winded debate. “We will go down in October and stay through March,” Joe said. Improve the quality of your sleep with better boat bed technology. What we wanted was a good strong boat that can comfortably cover long distances and operate for months away from service people, parts, and even fuel.”. Name * First Last. The Voyager. “We have been cruising now for 14-plus years,” Steve said. Not having a strict schedule works best for us, as we can easily change direction or timing to accommodate an impromptu excursion.” The 48 Whaleback, a popular design from the board of the late James S. Krogen, N.A., is a full-displacement trawler that has a single 210 HP Caterpillar 3208 diesel, weighs 56,450 pounds, holds 1,020 gallons of fuel and 540 gallons of water. See all available Outer Reef boats for sale. The Bering 65 is a rugged and classical looking steel yacht capable of any ocean crossing. The Nordhavn Life; Nordhavn Film Festival; Blogs; Rendezvous; Distance Pennant Program; Discussion Groups; Social Networks; Back; Resources. Bering 77 to see details. However, I do accept that a sailing cat in this size range is also an acceptable vessel with advantages & … Outer Reef 860 Deluxbridge Skylounge: The Voyager With ocean-crossing capability, the Outer Reef 860 is for cruisers with wanderlust. How To. Their N52 was designed specifically for this kind of long-distance cruising adventure. From its massive flybridge with an expansive boat deck sheltering the aft deck below, to its wide side decks and well-protected foredeck, this design is meant to be safe at sea. Another great thing about trawlers is the living accommodations can be configured to your tastes and give you the full comforts of home. Most people in their situation might be in the market for a small condo somewhere south. The Seaton name is synonymous with offshore cruising powerboats. Selene 45; Selene 49; Selene 54; Selene 56; Selene 58; Selene 60; Selene 62; Selene 66; Selene 72 ; Selene Voyager. 9 Best Ocean Boats. The six knot, one-GPH cruising speed is really efficient. I have only experience in sailboats at sea and none in trawlers. Sabreline 47 – Good looking sharp styled, down easter by famous New England builder. “Argo is in Puerto Vallarta right now,” Harawan said. The N40 is the smallest model in the Nordhavn fleet of ocean-crossing motor vessels, so it has true offshore pedigree. Part of the appeal of Ranger Tugs is the community of owners. A trawler is the middle ground between sail and power, and many clients seem to transfer between the two – especially seasoned sailboaters. See all available Kadey-Krogen boats for sale. We’ll make a stopover in Uruguay and visit the Galapagos Islands. Adventurous yacht owners eventually tire of the popular Mediterranean and Caribbean cruising grounds and start looking for more challenging cruising areas. Size for size, this 34-footer is just right for the two of us, and far more affordable than larger hulls. Twice. Boats. Trawlers and ocean going motor yachts designed for passage making and coastal cruising in comfort and safety at an affordable price. Passagemakers are clearly defined as being able to ”make the passage”. In the last 41 years, Seaton has produced more than 400 designs, many of which are long-range cruisers that define the modern trawler yacht. A small sailboat, with its modestly sized rig and shorter waterline, can be a delight to sail for couples and single-handers alike. At a wide open throttle speed of nine knots, the range is approximately 1,450 nautical miles. Cabin Cruisers; Center Consoles; High-Performance Boats; Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers; Multi-Hull Powerboats (Catamarans) Sailboats; Sportfishing Yachts; Trawlers; Walkarounds; Obviously, this is a wide range of boat types and which will be your personal best choice depends on how you plan to use your boat. TransAtlantic by Trawler IN A HIGH-SPEED WORLD, A CAPTAIN OPTS FOR LEISURE. Before he retired from a fast-paced career as CEO of biotechnology companies, Paul Harawan, along with his wife Norma and son Michael, were deeply into boating, owning everything from a Mako 20 to a Westbay Sonship 94. “We hang out on the hook for a couple of weeks at a time before overnighting in a marina. Their longer range plans include heading up the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway to the Kentucky Lakes region, as well as crossing the Okeechobee Waterway and visiting friends in the Fernandina Beach, Ormond Beach and St. Augustine areas. This question is a classic question where the answer has to do with where you cross, when you cross, how fast you need to cross and how nice a trip you want to take. There’s much merit in this argument in that loads are smaller, the boats are easier to manoeuvre in a tight space, you’re not depending on complex systems and smaller boats can be great fun to sail. How To. While sailing the vessel back to Ft Lauderdale from Tortola had its moments of excitement, I can attest that selling Islander through you in Ft Lauderdale was better than our prior boat purchase/sale experience at Nanny Cay. A highly-functional flybridge and a U-shaped galley forward in the saloon are among the more important features for cruisers who want open-air enjoyment plus protection from the elements. This explains the growing popularity of long-range expedition yachts with vast storage capacity for food, fuel and water, enabling them to roam the world’s oceans for weeks at a time. It’s a no-nonsense, low-budget, capable cruising boat, built to a price but well engineered, and has a straightforward interior layout with two or three sleeping cabins. PHILIP W. CAMPAGNA Capt. Inside, the comfortable saloon, as well as the raised deck housing the galley and pilothouse, offers magnificent views in every direction. On Board With: Kilea-Ann Kleckner. Your energy requirements during an ocean crossing can be extremely high. Crossing an Ocean on a Kadey-Krogen 42. And we’ve been able to explore areas new to us, such as Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge Reservoir. There will be fishing all along the way, particularly in Costa Rica. In fact many of our Trans Atlantic crossings start in Northern Europe or the Mediterranean. Selene 47 Ocean Trawler – A Nordhavn like rugged trawler to cut the dock lines and set off for serious offshore cruising. Your endeavors provided significant added value to each transaction. Beneteau Swift Trawler 44 With a top-end of just over 27 MPH, the Beneteau Swift Trawler 44 is among the fastest boats in this category. See all available Beneteau Swift Trawlers for sale. Many people suggest it’s best to stick to smaller boats for shorthanded sailing. Two years of enjoyable cruising experiences passed when, nonchalantly, they began talking about making a circumnavigation of the globe. “Our cruising grounds range from Maine to the southern Bahamas. They were attracted to the design’s voluminous stowage and living spaces, as well as to its well-engineered construction and reputation as an overbuilt cruising trawler. Whether for doing the Great Loop or putzing up and down the US Atlantic east coast, here is a short list of trawlers. She displaces 190,000 pounds, holds 500 gallons of water, and carries 3,500 gallons of fuel, which Harawan estimates gives the yacht a range of about 3000 miles at 12 knots. “Generally, we want to have fun, do things that are different, range thousands of miles from other boats, but we don’t want to put our lives at risk. Dragonfly’s Trimarans are consistently considered some of the best boats in their class for sailing competitively or leisurely. Operating a PWC Responsibly. Weighing 90,000 pounds, the N52 is engineered and built to withstand the rigors of open water cruising. The Swift Trawler 44 is the result of a joint collaboration by the Beneteau design office, the architect Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi. The plan is to be in the neighborhood of Cape Horn in late December, or thereabouts, for a rounding. For pure ocean-crossing capability, however, there is no substitute for a displacement hull. Beyond the horizon HOME; YACHTS. Philip W. Campagna holds an unlimited masters license and has been a captain on a variety of yachts. This winter, the Wilsons will return to explore the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway from Sarasota to points well below Venice. Next, the 14-day slog to the Azores, at an average speed of 6-7 knots. More Boats. One year, the Favors joined a group of 69 boats and 150 owners on a Ranger Tugs sponsored cruise to Desolation Sound in British Columbia. The next three years would find them transiting the Indian Ocean to South Africa, with stops for exploration only a few cruisers-under-power have accomplished. A follow-on rendezvous in Anacortes, WA found them among 79 boats and 154 owners of Ranger Tugs. I have limited my list to between 40 and 50 feet with a full range of prices. Not only this but yachts, in general, tend to need more power than other vessels. Updated: April 7, 2020. Contact Us Today To Infer About A Yacht Model By Calling (919) 345-0240! We are able to spend summers in our home waters of the Great Lakes and head south, to Florida, for winter cruising. And we like the fast cruising speed when planning the jump from the Tampa area to the Florida Panhandle.” The two-stateroom, single head layout, and the option of the convertible sofa in the saloon, makes the Swift Trawler 34 practical for cruisers like the Wilsons who may need to host grandchildren and parents. “We can leave our home in Northern Michigan, head south in the fall, and be on the Tennessee River in a matter of two days,” the Favors said. Then there is the Passagemaker it is a heavy duty, well built, long range ocean crossing trawler. We don’t see why you couldn’t if your spirit has been calling you out to a sea salt life as there’ll be no compromise in comfort with the trawler’s private staterooms for nights dreaming above the ocean, full galleys to prepare scrumptious fresh-caught fish dinners, and roomy galleys to gather in and share island stories. Latest. In 2016, they are cruising the Pacific Northwest extensively. Patty is a 54' sea-going Krogen trawler that the author delivered from Florida to France. That yacht is Argo, an Outer Reef 88 Cockpit Motor Yacht. Contact Us. How To. Our goal is to build the best cruising boats anywhere, at any price. We plan our destinations with seasonal weather in mind, and we stay for as long as we want. 2805 E Oakland Park Blvd #413 • On May 15th, he finally leaves St. Martin. In so doing, they’ve greatly expanded their cruising horizons.