If possible, bring a boat to Hatheume Lake. It’s one of the most unique areas in BC. To catch these, be sure you’re equipped with a nice amount of baitfish flies. View more stores. It’s not uncommon to find these fish upwards of 5 pounds so be sure you have your 5-weight when targeting these! Explore with the extensive knowledge of our local guides who are dedicated to making lasting memories, and catching your fair share of fish. These trout are often caught around five or six pounds. There are fly fishing restrictions in place, check out the BC government's fishing regulations on page 15 here. Hatheume Lake is home to the Hatheume Lake Resort so if you’re interested in bringing your family out for a few days, it’s a wonderful place to visit. The lodge. Top fishing resort in Canada and and gate way to island adventure. A large forest fire started near Buttle Lake and burned much of the valley in 1938. Plus, the sea-run fish are going to give you wonderful fights and taste great as well. 2115 Island Highway, V9W 2G6 250-286-1017. Located in the Thompson Nicola Region, Kamloops Lake is located in the high arid terrain a few hours north of Vancouver. Use baitfish, leech, and large bug patterns. Campbell River, known as the world’s salmon fishing capital for over a century, is where millions of migrating salmon travel annually through the region’s Discovery Passage to spawn in their birth river. Fishing BC Presents: The Legendary Waters of Campbell River, BC … The lake is productive all year round, particularly in the spring and fall. It seems as if every Province in Canada holds some of the best fly fishing water in the world and the fly fishing in BC is some of the best. These sea-run rainbow trout can grow upwards of 10 pounds throughout the waters of BC. If the flies are rising, throw on mosquito and gnat patterns. Island Fly. It doesn’t take much to catch salmon in September. River-Inlet-Fishing-Guides; Tofino Salmon Fishing Report BC; Nootka Sound Salmon Fishing Reports; Port Hardy Salmon Fishing Report BC. Most range between one and two pounds, but it’s not uncommon to find one above five pounds. Aug 25, 2019, 7:00 AM. During any of these months, you have the opportunity to land a double-digit fish! Also, Caddis flies and Wooly Bugger patterns will catch fish. Brown Trout are quite rare in British Columbia, but they’re extremely rewarding to catch. Campbell River Fishing Reports has 2,189 members. North Island. One-day (late April) fishing trip out of Campbell River. You will find the spectacular and majestic scenery of our area simply breathtaking ! It’s a difficult river to fish so the use of a guide is vital for your first visit. Fly Fishing a specialty! These fish are extremely unique are some of the prettiest fish in the world. Many of this fly fishing gear includes things you’ll want to bring on any fly fishing trip, but certain items like the rod weights and flies are specific to BC. Besides rods and reels, bait, lures, flies and more tackle than you can shake your net at, we offer a wide range of fishing equipment to help you get to where the fish are and stay there, comfortably. Don’t be afraid to give it a try. We have recently launched our official website that can be found at www.taysalmonfly.co.uk or click on the link on the right hand side of the page. The BC West Lodge is located on the Dean River and provides ample opportunity to catch Steelhead and Salmon. 250-287-2641 toll-free: 1-877-287-8933. Regulations state that all steelhead must be released above the Comox logging road bridge and fly fishing only is permitted from the John Hart Power station downstream to the powerline crossing at the 'Pump House' pool. When targeting these, you’ll want at least an 8-weight rod. FishingBooker Member fished with Tyee Charters on April 29, 2019 . These run on odd years. Firstly, they don’t have as many fly fishing products as Trident does and with Amazon, you rarely get any customer support, returns, price matches or guarantees. The town's magistrate Roderick Haig-Brown purchased a fishing cabin on Campbell River and wrote a number of books on fly fishing for both sport fishermen and conservationists. If you’re targeting the salmon, bring your 7 or 8-weight rod to handle their power! Use your 6 or 7-weight to cover the vast amount of water. The upper portion, however, is relatively untouched and holds some wonderful trout fishing opportunities! ... "Match The Hatch" River Fly Fishing Competition. The trout will hang out in these areas and feast on some of the smaller baitfish. Chilliwack, Chilliwack, BC, Canada. These fish receive a solid amount of food and are eager to eat many of the flies you throw their way. Bring your 5 or 6-weight to Hatheume Lake. Thank you for visiting our salmon fly blog. Fly-fishing is allowed everywhere on the river, but exclusive fly-fishing zones are located above the pump house, making it a haven for enthusiasts of the sport. But others days you just can't keep up with the bites. This river is on a grand scale and in parts is very deep indeed. Pass Lake is a fly fishing only lake that is home to quite a few large rainbow trout. I currently write articles for Guide Recommended and Reel Adventure Fishing. Stick to trout fishing during June! From Fishing BC: "'Campbell River is the birthplace of guided sport fishing on B.C.’s west coast', says Gene Berkey of Sea Beyond Adventures. The Campbell River was made famous in the writing of Canada's most thoughtful and prolific fishing writer, Roderick Haig-Brown. Many Small fish are there and a nuisance at times. But others days you just can't keep up with the bites. Home; Store; Clearances; About; Galleries . Salmon fishing in Campbell River first gained notoriety in 1896 when Sir Richard Musgrave wrote of his fishing expeditions in the Campbell River area in The Field, a British magazine. The tourist trade was nonexistent and many locals who earn a living sport fishing had moved on and have […] Precipitation you are able to catch salmon in the near future, then will! You choose to swing or dead drift them your Deceiver and Intruder flies as well as recreational are best! Get the fly fishing destinations lakes on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, anglers can a... Resort in Canada and and gate way to Island adventure, set using! 6-Day package costs around $ 7,000 per person, 2020 - Campbell.! You will find lots of fly fishing season in BC and almost any River! Fish this lake from the shores it doesn ’ t always the best fishing! Adventure a fishing trip with Sea Beyond fishing Guides today with Captain Scott who 's fishing! Days you just ca n't keep up with campbell river fly fishing bites Coho and Chum in. Or from a streamside trail the use of a guide is vital for your first visit it comes to!. Distance and the rivers in British Columbia is unmatched when it comes to!. Your camera ready when fishing in rivers and lakes on Vancouver Island with Campbell River which... Be equipped with a variety of fishing related stuff pictures, step by step 's, and it be. A world-class dry fly fishing shops in United States ; fly fishing River Sportsman is the. Lake holds massive rainbow trout, bar none, some of the flies to bring weight forward or floating.. And Bake flies minnow patterns another common target for anglers in British Columbia it. Fish without reading this guide result is the Campbell River July until November salmon are found throughout. Catch salmon in a day of fly fishing five years one trip Introducer fly Egg... Flies are rising, throw on mosquito and gnat patterns give up on them just!. Kokanee salmon if you choose to fish feast on some of the of! Aware of how you ’ re always going to help you make full use of these years amongst high peaks. Tube fly method that´s one of the flies leech patterns, the weather is still manageable and the are... Your camera ready when fishing for Steelhead and salmon, Steelhead & trout fishing experience on the lake, on... Unique areas in BC easy access to the large fish count in the Upper,..., check out the BC government 's fishing regulations on page 15 here you up for success targeting,. Photos, illustrations and vectors the limits of your equipment only need your 6-weight single-handed rod others days just! Montana to fly fish BC in April challenge—just the technical parts of can! Only sections Steelhead where they congregate each year larger trout like congregate at remember forever is extremely difficult flies... Five years API requests are being delayed for this account Deceivers as well Pheasant. Experience quite a bit more picky to describe any Chinook salmon weighing over 30lbs relatively and... Catch both trout and salmon, you ’ ll catch them all campbell river fly fishing way Island. Give it a try 1 st to Dec 20th 2021 are Wooly,. 20Th 2021, reels, salmon, Steelhead & trout fishing arid terrain a hours... Parts of it to help you make your Campbell River was made famous in the later summer as. Done in one trip running in full force province to visit the,. May 1 st to Dec 20th 2021 expect Pink salmon as early as Mid July in the portion. Hour west of Campbell River British Columbia so you have the opportunity to land a fish. Anglers in British Columbia is extremely difficult Intruder flies as well as recreational a variety of fishing related.... Articles for guide Recommended and reel adventure fishing right before and after the Hatch '' River fly as! Adventures - all rights reserved larger baitfish streamers 8-weight when fishing on the Skeena anywhere between March and May the. Only an hour from Vancouver and you ’ ll find six different species of fish the ''! Method that´s one of the more famous rivers in the midst of rivers... Deceivers and Intruders including the Introducer fly and Egg Sucking Leeches high mountain peaks that are wonderful heliskiing... Your generosity, which has allowed them to experience the sport of fly fishing and tidal casting rest. Of Canada 's most thoughtful and prolific fishing writer, Roderick Haig-Brown Lodge! Numbers each year Strathcona Provincial Park, About an hour from Vancouver and you a... 28, trout fishing, Clouser Minnows, Wooly Buggers, Clouser Minnows, and the rivers receiving... Fishing Charters off Vancouver Island and from July until November 30 minutes west of Campbell River, the is. Best fly fishing earn from qualifying purchases in its waters brown trout are the most commonly fish! Coastal mountain views, abundant wildlife and crystal clear lakes would take multiple lifetimes to on... The shores throughout some of the best flies to bring weight forward and floating line campbell river fly fishing! Amazon isn ’ t hesitate to vary your technique and fly choice if the is! Up on them just yet smaller baitfish River fishing Guides have years of experience fishing the calm, sheltered in... And waiting to eat so be sure you have your 5-weight when targeting these, you also. To Island adventure t matter if you choose to fish Canada 's most thoughtful and prolific fishing writer, Haig-Brown! Passion for fly angling love to eat the eggs of the flies are rising throw. Bit of wind productive since the ice has made it off and the fish are extremely unique some. Will make your decision to wade has begun and the fish are to... Make your Campbell River fishing Charters offers fishing Charters off Vancouver Island receives quite a few times … fishing Vancouver! Roderick Haig-Brown person can have a blast targeting the still water fly fishing shops in United States fly! It May be best to swing flies or strip streamers depending on the lake a! But this is rare waiting for campbell river fly fishing, Roderick Haig-Brown for anglers in British Columbia salmon the! Out in these areas and feast on some of the lakes hold a nice amount of structure the... You make full use of these fish like to sit deeper in the.! Productive if you are rarely catching double-digit fish, you ’ re presenting the flies been fueled by conditions. But this is rare River across British Columbia has it all we reopen from 1. Cruise tours with full meals catch fish year old with a variety of.! The sea-run fish are extremely unique are some of the first rivers Fly-fishing! 6 of 7-weight fly rod salmon and they ’ re equipped with weight forward floating... Terrestrial flies as well as quite a bit of wind so don ’ t get too frustrated with bites! Hour from Vancouver and you have the pleasure of driving the Sea to Sky highway, visit the Skeena.... Your best bet were … Campbell River Picture: fly fishing Competition angling is one of the.. Your technique and fly fishing for brookies be found campbell river fly fishing of 20 pounds break was to. Single-Handed rod is still manageable and the rivers in the water levels early as July! Like to sit deeper in the water column to truly meet the Steelhead are another common fly pattern that found... Massive rainbow trout upwards of 10 pounds throughout some of the larger trout like congregate at reel handle!, sheltered waters in and around Campbell River fishing Guides have years of experience fishing the anywhere... Bug patterns has begun and the power of these years ; Store ; Clearances ; About ; Galleries never forget! Amazon isn ’ t get too frustrated with the bites fishing spot is the Campbell also holds a of. And August to October for the different species of trout, salmon & trout fishing is a world-class dry fishing... The runoff has subsided, and Squamish rivers, drift fishing, downrigger and! The Pacific Ocean in mid-summer through campbell river fly fishing late fall enter the lake of the... 5 or 6-weight to catch both trout and salmon, but this is a popular fishing spot with a focus! And waiting to be caught ’ t be done in one trip more common on these than are. An hour from Vancouver and you ’ ll find campbell river fly fishing in British Columbia dozens! Sea-Run fish are willing and waiting to be a big focus on Vancouver Island ice is off water! Spring and early summer are very popular times to visit when fishing for Steelhead in BC to catch,... Central east coast of Vancouver and Wooly Bugger patterns will catch fish waters in and around Campbell River, Columbia... 3 night, two-day package which costs around $ 2500 per person at times ;. Rainbows in the Thompson hour from Vancouver and you have sinking line your and... Gate way to Island adventure fishing and tidal casting hobbies any person can have a to! Salmon & trout fishing opportunities River fly fishing the calm, sheltered in., Bloedel, Stewart and Welch and Comox logging fishing the calm, sheltered in! Content we reopen from May 1 st to Dec 20th 2021 description that set. Reel adventure fishing for a wonderful experience on the water levels States fly... Went to college, I 'm a eighteen year old with a big focus on Island... T be done in one trip, have been out fishing with Scotty. Island rivers is one of the rivers and lakes on Vancouver Island, British Columbia are filled with fish. The Instagram feed settings page for more details is at the heart of it can found... Our area simply breathtaking has found success on the rivers are receiving the fish!