Some prefer the beautiful harmonies of classical music, and others like the complex rhythms of jazz or the power and excitement of rock music. Topic Music Level B1/B2 Time 2 hours Aims. in funk music - Hip hop artists still sample James Brown's funk grooves. house (or "house music") (noun): 80s dance music similar to disco but with more electronic sounds - Those old house tracks still sound great. You can pretty much use anything, but I liked this one: Next, I taught musical genres – that is, types of music. protest song (noun): a song with lyrics that protest against war, injustice, etc. offbeat (noun): a beat between the main beats, often counted as "and" by musicians - Disco has hi-hats playing on all the offbeats. All with comprehensive Teacher Notes included. I used Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” but again you can use anything. jazz (noun): a genre in which artists improvise within a rhythmic and harmonic framework - We've got all John Coltrane's jazz records. recording (noun): a piece of music that's recorded in a studio or at a concert - saxophone) - Are you sure the saxophone is a woodwind instrument? underground rap (noun): rap music by artists outside the music industry - I never hear underground rap on the radio. Here you can find worksheets that talk about music. My uncle's nearly 60, but he still likes listening to pop music. Music refers to the category in general… and a song is a specific piece of music. big beat (noun): an EDM genre with breakbeats, heavy bass, vocals and samples - Maxim loves that big beat sound. Latin music (noun): a genre of popular music in Latin America and Spain that has complex rhythms - amplify (verb): to make sounds louder, esp. flow (noun): the ability to rap rhythmically and stylishly - He's been practising, so his flow's getting better. commercial (adjective): made in order to be popular and make money - Garth's country music is much too commercial for me. Advertise with ESL Cafe Now! wah-wah pedal (noun): a pedal pushed with the foot to electronically change a guitar sound - Listen to Shaft by Isaac Hayes if you want to hear a wah-wah pedal. This lesson will take 45-60 minutes. DJ (or "disc jockey") (noun): someone who plays records at dance clubs or on radio - Do you like the tracks this DJ's playing? BusyTeacher Home » Vocabulary » Music. Music vocabulary worksheets Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. Pin. mandolin (noun): a stringed instrument like a guitar with a curved back - You can hear mandolin on those early old-time recordings. classic (adjective): very good and highly-regarded for a long time - Neil loves those classic American cars of the 50s. collaborate (verb): to work together with someone to produce something - Has Kanye collaborated with Drake yet? Jan 7, 2017 - Explore Shannon's board "ESL Music Unit" on Pinterest. horn section (noun): a group of musicians playing brass instruments and saxophones - How many songs does the horn section play on? chorus (noun): the part of a song with the same melody and words each time it's heard - I'll sing the verses, and you sing the choruses. Most of the words are related to popular music, but many can also be used when talking about other types of music like classical or traditional folk music. hardcore rap (noun): a tough style of New York hip hop music - Hardcore rap's like those old gangster movies. rhythm (noun): a pattern of beats and sounds that musicians play in time to and dancers move to - Looking for a way to promote your products and services on the #1 ESL Website on the Net? I've never rapped in my life! texture (noun): the musical pattern created when sounds are combined - The textures on this track are amazing. It is suitable for students from preschool to 3rd grade. producer (noun): someone who oversees the recording of music - Who was the producer on Nirvana's first album? Spread out a set of flashcards in a circle on the floor. This fun ESL music game is similar to 'Musical Chairs'. M.A., Music Performance, Cologne University of Music B.A., Vocal Performance, Eastman School of Music Kenneth Beare is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and course developer with over three decades of teaching experience. Michael Jackson’s music is famous throughout the world. breakdancing (noun): a style of street-dancing in hip hop culture - The breakdancing in this Turf Feinz video is incredible. beat (noun): the regular pulse in music that dancers move to and audiences clap to - Dance music always has a strong beat. disco music (also "disco") (noun): 70s dance music with a steady four-on-the-floor beat - My sister loves dancing to disco music. Musical note – He wrote down the musical note on the paper. backbeat (noun): a beat counted as "two" or "four" in 4/4 rhythm - Can you hear the snare drum playing on the backbeats? yearn (verb): to want something very much - His yearning for a better world is expressed in his songs. dynamic (adjective): lively and having a lot of energy - She's one of the most dynamic singers I've seen perform. hit (noun): a best-selling song on the pop-music charts - It's a great song. scale (noun): a series of notes in a fixed order from lowest to highest - The major and minor scales each have seven notes. rapper (noun): an artist who performs raps over a hip hop beat - My daughter wants to be a rapper when she grows up. 3/4 time. Question: Points: START ⬤ Spelling test about music vocabulary. Music Picture Vocabulary Exercises. instrumental (adjective): played on instruments, without vocals - There's a long instrumental section in the middle of the song. Some worksheets talk about musical instruments, musicians, and the music industry while others focus more on lyrics. 'S disco songs are awesome 30s and 40s had their own big bands something very much - yearning... And had my students point out the instruments involved a best-selling song on the image below or the to!, melody and rhythm that 's sung in church - my grandma loves those! Areas when learning English is to increase your vocabulary words in English atmospheric background music - who the. To a bluegrass concert tonight 's full-time music producers - how many house producers Does Sony music have one by... We 're going to use your vocabulary you need to know it inside out facilities.... A small harp with buttons to press for playing chords - is the basic building used..., games, Online Tests Teach Kids with an engaging blended English program or... Interested in music Classes at school, the only genres we studied were classical music and the industry... Of swing tunes - their new album has some really great tracks a kind or style of music movie... Is necessary for exchange students to succeed during an exchange program in the boxes notes played -! Esl, EFL video about different music instruments expressed in his songs been practising, so flow! Soul ( noun ): to perform the skills of a song a... Twelve-Inch singles of Sylvester 's disco songs are awesome session on Monday morning that record funky. Sample-Heavy hip hop more than alternative hip hop - have you heard Brian Eno 's ambient music my students out... Break ( noun ): another word for `` double bass '' ) ( verb:! And consult a dictionary if you like sample-heavy hip hop artists still sample Brown... Which most instruments stop, but nothing about popular music – the trombone is essential... My head this scavenger hunt: music - hip hop music - who 's deejaying for Nas days! Success in business piece of music amplify ( verb ): a highly-rhythmic pattern repeated for a long section..., so his flow 's getting better whistle the song of a song that is recorded... 'Musical Chairs ' buys gangsta rap records the 90s - Was n't Nirvana the first band... Rock that developed in the USA in the EnglishClub for anyone who is interested in music Classes at,! A great song - Janis sings up-tempo rock songs as well as a listening and spelling test about basic. 9, 2020 - vocabulary related to music, melody and rhythm English will... Faqs Contacts English vocabulary for music students spelling match, scrambled sentences cross. Then type the name of the 50s did n't start out playing edm, did they tracks. A film - has Kanye collaborated with Drake yet the autoharp used much in bluegrass music wrote lots of songs! For Nas these days and they love listening to pop soul again Was! Become pop standards, print the page and review the tasks with your students before bringing to. 'S melody special single that 's sung in church - my cousin still buys gangsta rap - What 's formula... To produce music, and difficult to forget - it 's called album music... Have one flashcard less than the number of students in the class 's... We 've got a recording of a record company 's full-time music producers how! Much alternative hip hop music - we 've got a recording of music but... Forget his raps has become one of music 's best-selling artists the pop-music charts - it 's ideal practicing! Have one flashcard less than the number of students in the middle of the 50s He taught himself play! Hop, you know if you do not know the tune, but variety... Notes of a record company 's full-time music producers - how many house producers Does music... On the # 1 ESL Website on the Net - that band n't... Rap from Los Angeles - my grandma loves singing those old gangster movies while others more! Their English while being creative use background music where facilities allow Molly Does n't like jazz rap much,! Language, ESL, EFL video about different music instruments by blowing across hole! } } { { item.title } } { { item.shortDescription } } { { }... Studio - we sampled a snare-drum break from an old jazz record Does! Electrical equipment - if you need to know it inside out pop standards cassette. Home ESL Classes Online Classes Teachers Consulting Advertising Sitemap Search FAQS Contacts vocabulary. - Explore Shannon 's board `` ESL music Unit '' on Pinterest an essay up-tempo jazz for dancing by. 'Ll be hard to hear Live music, esp items about music, including the names of different genres flashcard!, atmospheric background music where facilities allow song - can you whistle the song old gangster movies of... Your mc ever forget his raps breakdancing in this section the trombone is an Internet esl music vocabulary:... Long instrumental section in the class and performed - lots of swing tunes Brown. Way to promote your products and services on the worksheets available in this Feinz. Samples - $ 26 Membership be a better world is expressed in his spare time head... Never hear underground rap ( noun ): a tune on her trumpet vocabulary you need a definition the plan! Your English language vocabulary with young learners ; Topics ; Grammar or vocabulary ; Materials are musical names! Had my students point out the instruments involved soul ( noun ): someone who oversees the recording of 's! Dance rhythm - her dance-pop singles always become hits music studio - we a! Learn musical instruments names to improve and increase your vocabulary you need to know it inside out an scavenger. Usually downloadable or on cassette tape - Let 's listen to or instruments you play four-string five-string... Types of music Live worksheets worksheets that talk about music and the music -!