Don’t wait on your part…. Chalk’s is open 10 to 12 hours a day. Our official hours are 8:00am to 5:30pm, but if you call us anytime between 6:30am and 5:30pm, the odds are good that we will be here, and will appreciate the opportunity to serve you at any time.

Nearly five million dollar inventory…Our huge inventory means we probably have the part you need on site when you call. Our ability to help you avoid downtime waiting on parts makes Chalk’s an important part of your truck maintenance program.

Last minute shipping…Our shipping department sends outgoing packages until 5:30pm, so even if you call late we can usually ship your part the day you order it. This combined with our huge inventory makes Chalk’s your best option in getting your parts immediately.

Parts Department

Our parts department has a solid reputation for availability, quality work and high customer confidence. Since we have been at the same location for over 50 years, when you purchase something from Chalks, you can be confident we will be here tomorrow if you need us.

Part Sales Direct Line Email
Moses Moreno 281-404-5728
Brian Wilson
Parts/Diagnostic Sales
Craig Jessup 281-404-5716
Jesse Moreno 281-404-5710
Luis Renteria 281-404-5724

Transmission and Differential Shop

Our Transmission and Differential shop has nearly a half century of experience and all reman-transmissions are built to OEM Specs, dyno-tested, and put under load to insure quality. All our work carries a one year limited warranty.

Transmission and Differential Shop Direct Line Email
Taylor Chalk 281-404-5745

Power Steering / Fan Clutch Department

We build quality units for a range of vehicles from pick-ups to class 8 heavy duty vehicles. Our steering and fan clutch inventory includes over 1500 new and re-manufactured units ready for immediate shipping and/or exchange.

Steering / Fan Clutch Sales Direct Line Email
John Bonney 281-404-5701
Chris Wienken 281-404-5755

School Bus Parts Department

We provide OEM parts or better for all makes and sizes of buses and have made the commitment to have “in stock” the newest, most up to date parts for your fleet.

Bus Part Sales Direct Line Email
Bubba Livingston 281-404-5729
JT Talbot 281-404-5702
Alex Vences 281-404-5746